More than enuff reasons to get Case History & Physical

  • Case History Offers you a clear structured and systematic approach to history taking. As a medical student, its absolutely critical to get well versed with a systematic, step wise approach to history taking.This is an essential skill to acquire for any physician.
  • Stepwise systematic approach ranging from Introduction and Early Observation of the patient to General History, Systemic History, Symptoms' descriptions & Grading.
  • Comprehensive guide to General History comprising
    1. Introduction
    2. Initial Data
    3. Chief Complaint
    4. History of Present Illness
    5. Past Medical History
    6. Personal & Social Profile digging deeper into Alcohol, smoking, drug abuse questioning
    7. Family History
    8. Drug History
    9. Activity & Exercise History
    10. Obstetric History *NEW*
    11. Gynaecological History *NEW*
  • Organ Systems History. The most common complaints of the Major Organ systems:
    1. Cardivascular System
    2. Respiratory System
    3. Kidney & Urinary Tract
    4. Gastrointestinal Tract
    5. Psychiatric Assessment
    6. Musculoskeletal System
    7. Endocrine and Nutrition
    8. and finally Constitutional, Common complaints.
  • Physical Examination: More than 90 Examinations including: *NEW*
    1. Cranial Nerve Examination
    2. Complete Chest Examination
    3. Breast, Cardiac, Pulmonary
    4. Complete Abdominal Examination- GI including Abd Mass
    5. Head & Neck
    6. Arms & Legs including Neurological Assessment Muscle Power, Reflexes, Sensory
    7. Wrist & Palm - Nails- Clubbing..
    8. Genital Examination-Male & Female.
  • Symptom based Questioning approach. Don't just get a list of Symptoms for Each Organ System! Get the right Questionaire Guide for each of em'
  • Quick Access to the Right Questions: Star each symptom from any category for Quick access.
  • INTERFACE presents a Medical Case Tab system that makes browsing through systems easier than ever!
  • Grading of symptoms - Dyspnea, Muscle Power, Reflexes, Murmurs, Clubbing, Edema. Its just a gift from us :)